I am a freelance art director, production designer, stop-motion animator, and director.  To see my 2016 reel, click here


MAMAMOON [working title]

Short Description: "Mamamoon" is a surreal film telling the story of Eleanore, a young woman battling memory loss and hallucinations, as she tries to navigate her life and maintain autonomy. The film uses several styles of stop-motion animation mixed with live-action footage to explore the ethereal and strange realm of the human mind. Stay tuned for an upcoming blog about this hand-made film's journey.

Watch our teaser trailer(made solely for fundraising purposes) here.



Short Description: An animated and live-action music video for Cosmonaut Radio. In collaboration with Outpost Productions and Fluxgate, I was a stop-motion animator, producer and production designer for this piece. Click here to watch the finished product.



Short Description: Diggy Dee is an animated music video I created, in collaboration with Sunnyland Studios NY, using the song ‘Diggy Dee,’ recorded by The Top.



Short Description: Hexa is a short, experimental film shot on 16mm film. I shot and edited this piece, which focuses on a girl whose fate is in the hands of a larger force. Click here to watch the finished film.


The Fish Eye Stories

Short Description: The Fish Eye Stories is my Bard College senior thesis film. The film is a short documentary, which is partially animated and partially live-action. It focuses on the use of mythology and family legends to create personal identities within the contexts of Hinduism in Southern India. Click here to watch.